paradigm (paŕ·ə·dīm)

n. 1. a pattern, or conceptual model 2. a theoretical framework, or philosophical worldview 3. a set of practices that define, influence, and/or alter a cultural discipline (in a particular period of time); a paradigm shift 4. a creative alliance composed of like-minded individuals who aim to effectively engage in simultaneous promotion of the other; e-network

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(paŕ·ə·dīm) Artists

Bryce Hudson’s work can be divided into two distinct categories; concept-driven minimalist painting and mixed media photo-based prints. At the very core of his work are issues - social in nature - surrounding race, class and stereotypes in contemporary American culture. The presence of struggle and social interaction are also themes found in his work; keen on monitoring situations, actions, and documentation within mainstream media outlets with which he draws inspiration and composes a dialogue.

Valerie Sullivan Fuchs is an artist who expands the boundaries of electronic, time-based art. Having studied Architecture at the University of Kentucky and Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the artist combines her unique understanding of the built environment with technological experimentation to create multi-sensory gallery interventions.
Russel Hulsey’s current artistic endeavors focus upon time-based video works, interactive technologies, and multi-sensory immersive installations. Hulsey has been an active artist since the mid-nineties, working in drawing, painting, photography, and an array of varied electronic media – all consisting of a conceptual framework directed upon social commentary, personal introspection and spiritual contemplation.

Plexus Contemporary

Plexus Contemporary is an art space devoted to the exhibition of works in all media by emerging and established contemporary artists with a focus on collaborative and experimental projects.

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