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    Bryce Hudson 2013-2014 Exposition Schedule - SOFA - Art Palm Beach - Art Palm Springs

  • contemporary geometric abstract paintings by bryce hudson

    Abstract Geometric paintings by Bryce Hudson

  • holding-pattern-heather-by-bryce-hudson

    The Holding Pattern - Prints by Bryce Hudson

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    The Equinoxes and Equilibrium (Deco) Prints

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    The Beauties - Contemporary Art Prints based on Identity, Race and Beauty

Visual Contemporary Art of Bryce Hudson

Bryce Hudson Contemporary ArtistContemporary artist Bryce Hudson is a widely exhibited and published creative force living in the United States. The bulk of his work deals with social issues surrounding ideas of race, beauty, gender identity politics and stereotypes in contemporary society. The weapons in his arsenal; bold color, pattern, composition, symbolism and digital manipulation of preexisting imagery. Hudson’s esthetic is inspired by historical art movements; modernism, post-modernism, minimalism, pop, neo plasticism — yet the work itself is inspired by life in contemporary society.

Experimentation and evolution are essential to the development of all contemporary artists… If I had to reduce my purpose as an artist down to its essence I’d easily conclude that my worth is based on the ability to grow and change with my surroundings, to inspire transformation and spark dialogue and thought in others, to always be mindful of what surrounds me (abstract or concrete) and to always formulate, reinterpret and reissue information into my own unique voice.
— Bryce Hudson

Geometric Abstraction

Geometric Abstraction Art 2014 - Composition 43 - 40x30 by painter Bryce Hudson

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Hudson works across media. Contemporary abstract geometric paintings — wherein he explores identity and race through use of color and composition; in recent work he uses architectural photographs and strips them of all context to create dizzying compositions. His digitally manipulated imagery from muscle magazines and beauties in advertising explores society’s issues of beauty. To create the Kentucky Gentleman Series he hired an entire theater staff to transform him into serious or comical versions of every race he’s ever been mistaken for — then he photographed himself. He also experiments with pattern and color in ways that present similar issues in either a reductive or visually redundant fashion. Autumn 2013, Hudson begins work on a series of sculptures expanding his primary love of painting to a 3-dimensional field.

The Equilibrium Deco Series

The Equilibrium Deco Series

Abstract Geometric Painting

The Holding Pattern Series

The Holding Pattern Series

The Beauties Series

The Beauties Series

Bryce Hudson: Compositions - New Works 2010 - 2013 Compositions – Works by Bryce Hudson 2010 – 2014

A  survey of contemporary artist Bryce Hudson’s newest works. Catalog includes works from his series of architecture-based abstract geometric paintings, sculptures and photo and mixed-media prints in the Equilibrium (Deco) and Equinox series. Includes every work completed from 2010-2014 with details on each piece, texts and selected collections.

70 Pages – 55 Color Plates
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